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    Skipping Customs

    By Kaytee


    1.5 oz Pearl Coconut
    1 oz Pineapple juice
    1 oz Coconut milk
    .75 oz Looza banana puree
    .75 oz lemon juice

    measure and build all ingredients into a shaker. Shake with ice. Pour over crushed ice in a collins glass with three brandied cherries on a skewer and two pineapple leaves placed vertically out of the cocktail.

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    Cool Cucumber

    By Courtney Guss


    1 1/2 parts Pearl cucumber
    1 part melon liqueur
    1 parts lemonade
    1 parts lemon-lime soda
    Lemon and lime wedge

    Shake lemonade, melon liqueur and Pearl Cucumber strain over ice and slash top with lemon-lime soda. Garnish with lemon and lime.

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    Detroit Style Screwball

    By Kayla Bossenbery


    Blue side-
    3/4oz Pearl Blueberry Vodka
    1/2oz Blueberry Pucker
    1/2oz Blue Curaçao

    Pink side-
    3/4oz Pearl Redberry Vodka
    1/2oz Watermelon Pucker
    1/2oz Grenadine

    Garnish gumball

    Fill blender half with ice then add 3/4oz Pearl Blueberry Vodka, 1/2oz Blueberry Pucker, and 1/2oz Blue Curaçao, then blend. Pour into a pint glass. Rinse out blend and then fill half with ice again. Mix 3/4oz Pearl Redberry Vodka, 1/2oz Watermelon Pucker, and 1/2oz Grenadine, then blend. Pour the mixture into another pint glass.

    Take both pint glasses and pour into a chill martini glass at the same time so that it splits in the glass evenly.

    Garnish with a gumball.

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    Champions Cucumber Breeze

    By Mindy Oehler


    Pearl Cucumber Vodka
    Citrus Rum
    Lime Juice Freshly Squeezed
    Triple Sec
    Soda Water
    Sour Mix
    Lime Wedge for garnish

    2 oz Pearl Cucumber Vodka
    2 oz Citrus Rum
    Fresh Squeezed Lime Juice
    Splash of Triple Sec, Sour Mix, and soda water
    Shake with Ice and strain chilled into Martini Glass
    Garnish with a Lime Wedge

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    Peterlin’s Plum Crazy

    By Allison Ladzinski


    Pearl Plum Vodka
    Muddled Fresh Plums
    Simple Syrup
    Fresh Lime Juice
    Splash of Lemonade
    Plum & Lime Wedge Garnish

    Use 2oz Pearl Plum vodka, Muddle a Fresh Plum with Simple Syrup, Squeeze in 1 wedge of lime and shake over ice. Top with a splash of lemonade. Serve in a Daiquiri glass, garnished with Plum and Lime wedges.

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    Crunchy’s Bloody Mary

    By Sam


    Pearl Cucumber vodka
    Splash of Olive Juice
    Fresh Tomatoe Juice

    Prepare a full glass of ice
    Mix all ingredients
    Lime and olive garnish on glass

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    Smokin’ Tijuana Temptress

    By Jamie Karosa


    2 oz. pearl cucumber vodka
    .75 simple syrup
    .75 fresh squeezed lime juice

    cucumber cube, dry ice

    freeze cucumbers inside of ice cube

    muddle cucumber, jalapeno slice with dash of simple syrup

    combine 2 oz of cucumber pearl vodka, .75 of lime juice and .75 imple syrup to muddled ingredients.

    Shake vigorously

    Place dry ice under cucumber cube in rocks glass, strain drink on top .

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    The Cruisin’ Henry

    By Rebecca Schick


    2 1/2 shots of Pearl Grape Vodka
    2 shots of ginger beer
    Splash of bitters
    Blackberry skewer
    Edible orchid flower

    In honor of Detroit’s iconic automotive industrialist, Henry Ford, and in the spirit of the World renowned Woodward Dream Cruise, we present to you The Cruisin” Henry. Pour into a shaker filled with ice, shake thoroughly and strain into your favorite martini glass, and garnish with fresh blackberries. Kick back, enjoy, and bring in the summer with The Cruisin’ Henry.

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    Melange: Blueberry Bliss

    By Jacob Doyal


    1.5oz Blueberry Infused Pearl Vodka
    1 oz blueberry lavender syrup
    0.5oz Pomegranate Liqueur

    0.5oz Fresh Squeezed Lemon Juice
    Splash of Club Soda
    Fresh Blueberries
    Garnished with a Lemon Peel

    Infuse Pearl Vodka in Blueberries for 3 Days
    Mix all Ingredients Shake and Serve

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    Rogers Red Rooster

    By Courtney Cloven


    Pearl Plum
    Pomegranate Liqueur
    Elderflower Liqueur
    Orange slice

    Mix Pearl Plum, elderflower liqueur, and pomegranate liqueur in a shaker with ice. Pour in martini glass and garnish with an orange slice and cherries.

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    Strawberry Fusion

    By John Saites


    1 Part Pearl WHIPT
    1 Table Spoon Sugar
    1 Part Strawberry Lemonade
    3 Fresh Mint Leaves
    3 Fresh Strawberries

    In shaker with ice, 3 Mint Leaves, 1 Table Spoon Sugar, 2 oz Pearl WHIPT Vodka. Shake and strain in glass with ice. Add strawberry lemonade and 3 Fresh Strawberries.

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    By David Miles Cole Martinez


    1.5 oz Pearl Vodka
    .75 oz Aperol
    .50 oz Fresh Lemon Juice
    .50 oz *Rich Simple Syrup
    5 Medium Basil Leafs

    *Rich Simple Syrup is a 2:1 sugar syrup. 2 parts sugar to 1 part water

    Add 4 Basil leafs, Pearl Vodka, Aperol, Lemon, and rich simple.
    Add ice and shake vigorously until chilled.
    Double strain into a chilled 5.5 oz coupe.
    Garnish with remaining basil leaf. Gently smack basil before placing on top of drink to release oils in the leaf.

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    A Mule In The Woods

    By Michael Weinrich


    Lavender infused simple syrup .5oz
    Pearl Cucumber Vodka
    5 Fresh Squeezed Limes
    Topped with Ginger beer
    4 Muddled cucumber slices
    Served in a highball glass over ice

    Muddle four cucumbers then combine ice, limes, lavender simple syrup and Pearl Cucumber Vodka and shake with ice. Serve in a highball glass and pour Ginger Beer atop to fill the rest of the glass. Garnish with a mint sprig, cucumber and a lime wedge.

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    Green Monk

    By Jon Foley


    1 oz. Pearl vodka
    1 oz. fresh lime juice
    1 oz. Green chartreuse
    1 rosemary sprig
    1/2 oz. simple syrup

    Muddle the leaves of rosemary with simple syrup. Add vodka, lime juice and Chartreuse and shake well with ice. Fine strain into chilled coupe. Garnish with rosemary.

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    DragonBerry Cooler

    By Nikki Brink


    2 oz. Pearl Red Berry Vodka
    1 oz. Black Raspberry Liqueur
    Juice of 1/2 Lime
    Dragon Fruit
    Fresh Mint

    Infuse 2 oz Pearl Red Berry Vodka with Dragon Fruit.

    Muddle the vodka soaked Dragon Fruit in a shaker.
    Add 3 bruised Mint leaves.

    To the shaker Add Ice, 2 oz of Infused Pearl Red Berry, 1 oz of Black Raspberry Liqueur, Juice of 1/2 of a Lime, & 2 oz of Lemonade. Shake to combine all ingredients well.

    Pour Into a Red Wine Glass full of Ice…Garnish with Fresh Mint Sprig and a wheel of the Dragon Fruit.

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    Colonial Pearl Pomegranate Breeze

    By Maggie Voss


    Pearl Pomegranate Vodka
    Cranberry Juice
    Pineapple Juice

    1 1/2 oz Pearl Pomegranate Vodka
    Half of a glass of Pineapple Juice
    2 Splashes of Cranberry Juice
    Combine of ice and Enjoy :)

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    Happy Pappy

    By Danielle Wildman


    1 1/2 oz Pearl Blueberry
    1 1/2 oz Yogurt Liqueur
    6 oz Blueberry Juice
    6 Blueberries
    A sprig of mint

    Add Pearl Blueberry, Yogurt Liqueur and Juice to a shaker with ice. Shake and pour into glass. Float blueberries and garnish with mint. Enjoy!!!

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    Pop that cherry

    By Devon Esshaki


    Pearl Cherry Vodka
    Cranberry Juice
    Sour Mix
    Cherry and Lime Garnish

    Use 2 oz Pearl Cherry Vodka, 2 oz Cranberry Juice, 1 oz Sour mix, shaken over ice and garnished with a cherry and lime wedge.

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    Kiwano Cooler

    By Morgan Thomas


    Pearl Plum Vodka
    Sweetened lime juice
    Sweet and sour
    Soda water
    Kiwano jelly melon

    In a pint glass muddle the following:
    (1) 1/4 inch slice of a halved kiwano jelly melon
    1 tsp. of sugar
    1 lemon wedge
    1 lime wedge

    Add 2 oz. of Plum Pearl Vodka and top off the glass with ice. Next add a 1/4 oz. of sweetened lime juice and 1 oz. of sweet and sour. Top the cocktail off with soda water.

    For a garnish place another 1/4 inch slice of a halved kiwano jelly melon on top of the ice and pierce a straw through the center of the fruit. Place 5-7 blueberries on top of the kiwano jelly melon and enjoy!

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    EPP Cu-berry

    By Tracy


    Half oz Pearl Blueberry
    Half oz Pearl Cucumber
    Quarter oz Triple sec
    Top off with Tonic

    Mix Pearl Blueberry, Pearl Cucmber, and triple sec in shaker. Pour in pint glass and top off with tonic. Add lemon wedge.

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    Berry Island Punch

    By Nicole miller


    Pearl Red Berry
    Peach schnapps
    Triple sec
    Cranberry juice

    Garnished with orange and cherry

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    By Shawnie


    2 oz Pearl Red Berry Vodka

    1/2 oz Blue Curacao

    3/4 oz Hpnotiq Liqueur

    1/2-3/4 oz Pineapple Juice


    Pour all ingredients in a shaker and give her a good shakin’. Then pour the deliciousness in a stemmed glass and garnish with a whole strawberry. =)

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    Kurt’s Killer Koolaid

    By Ashley Welch


    Pearl Peach, SoCo, Midori, Chambord, Pineapple & Cranberry Juice.

    Equal parts all liquors, splash of both juice, Garnish with an orange & a Cherry

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    By Nikki Hunt


    1 1/2 oz. Pearl Gin
    1 1/2 oz. Cilantro
    1/2 oz. Fresh Squeezed Lemon Juice
    1 oz. Chili/Lemongrass Simple Syrup
    1 1/2 oz. Coconut Water
    1 Crystalized Ginger Cube
    3/4 oz. Bar Foamer

    Muddle Cilantro and Lemon Juice in the bottom of a martini shaker. Add ice, Pearl Gin, Chili/Lemongrass Simple Syrup, Coconut Water, and bar foamer. Shake and double strain into a martini glass, over a crystalized ginger cube. Garnish with an edible flower.

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    Menage a San

    By Travis Carter


    1.5 oz Pearl Vodka/ 1.5 oz. lychee juice/ 1 oz. Domaine de Canton (martini)

    Wasabi, Avacado, honey, cream, sugar (wasabi brûlée)

    liquified wasabi (spray)

    In the bottom of a martini glass 2 bar spoons of wasabi/avacado creme. Sprinkle sugar on top and brulee with bar torch. Spray inside of martini glass with 3 sprays of wasabi spray. In shaker, combine vodka, domaine and lychee. Strain Over brûlée and garnish with edible orchid on rim. Serve with cocktail spoon and dig into brûlée once martini is drank! Cheers!

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    Spicy Cucumber Shooter

    By Jon Orta


    “Stobers Spicy Cucumber Shooter”
    Pearl Cucumber Vodka
    Bloody Mary Mix
    Olive juice
    Hot Sauce
    Rimmed with Black Pepper, Red Pepper, Salt, and Celery Salt
    Garnished with Pickle and Olive

    1.5 oz Pearl Vodka Chilled
    Layered with Bloody Mary Mix
    Seasoned with Olive Juice and Hot Sauce
    Served Up with Garnishes

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    Captain joes berry blue

    By Rauchelle Scultz


    Pearl blueberry vodka
    Blue curaçao
    Fresh squeezed lemon juice
    Fresh blueberries

    Fill 16oz glass with ice
    Add 3oz’s Pearl blueberry vodka
    1oz blue curaçao
    Squeeze 2 fresh lemon slices
    Add 1/4 cup fresh blueberries
    Top with equal parts lemonade and sour
    Shake and enjoy!

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    Fresh Myint Martini

    By Nicole Myint


    1 1/2 parts Pearl Cucumber
    1/2 part Pearl Mint
    4 Muddled fresh mint leaves
    1 slice fresh cucumber muddled
    2 fresh lime slices
    2 1/2 parts fresh lime juice all natural limeade

    prepare a martini shaker with
    muddle fresh mint leaves, cucumber and fresh limes together

    add ice

    add pearl cucumber, pearl mint and fresh limeade juice.
    Shake well

    garnish with fresh Mint leaves

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    Floodz Plum Delicious

    By Roberta Varon


    1 oz Pearl Plum
    1 oz Floodz limited edition tequila
    Half oz blue curaçao
    8 oz cranberry juice
    Garnish with orange slice and cotton candy

    Put Pearl plum, Floodz limited edition tequila, blue curaçao into shaker. Shake well with ice. Add cranberry juice and garnish with Cotton candy and orange.

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    Peach Berry Cosmo

    By Kenneth Moll


    “Captain Jacks Peach Berry Cosmo”
    Limes, mint, sugar packet, 1oz berry fusion cordial, 1 oz Pearl peach vodka

    Muddle 2 limes, mint, and a sugar packet
    Add ice, 1 oz berry fusion and 1 oz Pearl peach vodka
    Shake and strain into martini glass

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    Cuke-Strawberry Mojito

    By Billy Shreck


    “Dusty’s Cucumber-Strawberry Mojito”
    Pearl Cucumber Vodka
    Pearl Gin
    Strawberry Simple Syrup
    Candied Strawberries
    Fresh Cucumber
    Fresh Squeezed Lime
    Cucumber Extract

    Make strawberry simple syrup
    3/4 oz of Pearl Gin
    3/4 oz of Pearl Cucumber
    1/2 of fresh Lime juice
    3/4 Strawberry Simple Syrup
    Combine all ingredients, shake, add over ice
    Use strawberries from Simple Syrup mix to add to drink
    Squeeze fresh cucumber for cucumber juice

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    Perfect Pinot Spritzer

    By James Thorpe


    2 oz. Pearl Cucumber Vodka
    1.5 oz. Simple Syrup
    4 oz. Pinot Grigio
    2 Sprigs of Mint
    8 Slices of Cucumber
    3 Wedges of Fresh Lime
    2 oz. Soda Water

    In shaker: Combine Vodka, Simple Syrup, half of the mint leaves, 4 cucumber slices (quartered), 2 Wedges of Lime and muddle well.
    Add ice and shake vigorously.
    In large wine glass, fill with ice, layering remaining mint leaves and cucumber (halved). Strain shaker into wine glass, add Pinot Grigio, top with soda water.
    Garnish rim with mint, full cucumber slice, and lime wedge.

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    Summer Roots in the Patio

    By Anthony J Murelli


    1oz Pearl Citrus vodka
    1/2oz orange liqueur
    1/2oz Beet & Carrot drinking vinegar
    1/2oz Rosemary simple syrup
    Dash of Fresh Lemon

    Garnish w/ pickled carrot, pickled beet wheel and sprig of Rosemary.

    Light stir of ingredients and double strain into chilled Tom Collins glass. Squeeze wedge of lime and toss in wedge.
    Add ice

    Add garnish of pickled carrot, pickled beet wheel and sprig of Rosemary.

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    Beach Cumber

    By Leilani Martin


    2.5 oz Pearl cucumber vodka
    3/4 oz Pearl orange vodka
    3/4 oz Pearl citrus vodka
    Twist lemon
    2 cucumbers

    Pour all three vodkas into a shaker with a twist of lemon.


    Pour half sprite and soda into the glass

    Garnish with 2 cucumbers placed on the rim.


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    Cucumber Float

    By Jim Schramm


    “Signature Cucumber Float”
    Pearl Cucumber Vodka
    Muddled Fresh Cucumber
    Pickle Brine
    Melon Liqueur
    House Made Jalapeno Lime Sorbet

    Muddle fresh cucumber with melon liqueur and pickle brine. Add Pearl Cucumber Vodka and ice.
    Shake vigorously.
    Strain into a large martini glass.
    Float a generous scoop of jalapeno lime sorbet.
    Garnish with cucumber and jalapeno.

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    Gwen in Guam

    By Suzi Chou


    2 oz Pearl Gin
    3/4 oz Lemon
    3 oz Unsweetened coconut milk
    2 Barspoons vanilla bean infused raw agave

    Lemon twist

    Take one vanilla bean, slice down center and remove seeds with a butter knife or spoon. Cut into four strips and place in jar, add raw agave. Place the jar into a pot with hot water and let sit for 3-4 hours.

    Add Pearl Gin, lemon, coconut milk, and vanilla bean infused agave. Add ice, shake vigorously. Strain into large snifter glass with ice. Garnish with lemon twist. Enjoy!

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    Citrus Watermelon Cooler

    By sonja gavriloski


    “Johnny’s Citrus Watermelon Cooler”
    2oz Pearl Peach Vodka
    1/2 oz Housemade Simple Syrup
    4 Fresh Basil Leaves
    4 Lemon Wedges
    6-8 watermelon balls
    1/2 oz Lemonade
    1/2 oz Club Soda

    Hallowed out mini watermelon
    watermelon balls
    lemon pinwheels

    Muddle 4 basil leaves and 1/2 oz simple syrup in mixing tin, squeeze 4 lemons, drop in mixing tin, add watermelon balls and 2 oz Pearl Peach Vodka. Add small scoop of ice and shake all ingredients in mixing tin. Pour mixture into hollowed out watermelon add more ice top with lemonade and club soda.

    garnish with watermelon balls and lemon pinwheel skewer and fresh basil

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    Pearl on a Date

    By Sara Farmer


    1.5 oz Pearl Vodka
    .5 oz lychee purée
    .5 oz lemon juice
    .25 oz miso soup base (dashi)
    .25 oz ginger liquor
    .25 oz raspberry liquor
    Garlic stuffed date

    Combine all ingredients except raspberry liquor in mixing tin. Shake vigorously and pour over ice. Slow pour raspberry in. Garnish with garlic stuffed date.

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    Piece of cake

    By Karrie


    Pearl Wedding cake
    Cafe Petron

    1/2 wedding cake
    1/4 cafe Petron
    1/4 baileys

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    Chase the Root

    By Rudy Leon


    Pearl Gin
    Domaine de Canton
    McClary Bros. Lemon Ginger Shrub
    Bittercube’s Jamaican #1 Bitters
    Fresh Squeezed Lemon Juice
    Egg White
    Ginger Beer
    Zest of Lemon (Garnish)

    Combine Pearl Gin, Domaine de Canton, McClary Bros Lemon Ginger Shrub, Bittercube’s Jamaican #1 Bitters, Fresh Lemon Juice, & Egg White. Dry shake ingredients in tin shaker, followed with a cold shake. Strain ingredients into a collins glass. Top with Ginger Beer and garnish with lemon zest.

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    Twisted Quiisted

    By Nicole Quist


    Pearl Peach
    Grand marnier
    Peach schnapps

    1.25 oz pearl peach
    .5 oz of grand marnier
    .25 peach schnapps
    Splash of oj
    Splash of of soda

    Shake with ice serve as shot or mix drink

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    Chocolate Caramel WHIPT

    By John Saites


    1 Part Pearl WHIPT
    1 Part Pearl Caramel
    1 Part Rum Chata
    Milk and Chocolate Syrup with Caramel Syrup
    Topped with Whip Cream And Both Syrups

    Place ingredients in shaker with ice
    Drizzle both syrups around pint glass
    Place everything from shaker into pint glass top off with ice and milk.
    Use whip cream and drizzle chocolate syrup & caramel syrup on top then serve! ;)

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    Yokohama Rooftop

    By Will Fink


    1 oz Umeboshi-Infused Pearl Vodka
    1 oz Fresh-Squeezed Lemon Juice
    1 oz Shiso Syrup
    1/4 oz Fino-Honey Reduction

    Umeboshi Vodka: Infuse Pearl Vodka with umeboshi plums for 1-2 days.
    Shiso Syrup: 1:1 simple syrup infused with shiso leaves
    Fino-Honey Reduction: 1T honey per 9 oz Fino sherry and reduce by 3 times.

    Shake ingredients; strain into Collins glass with chunk ice; top with soda; garnish with braided lemon peel and flowers, and smile.

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    Pomegranate Twist

    By Ryan Whitlow


    “Scoreboard Pomegranate Twist”
    1.5 oz Pearl Pomegranate
    1 oz Strawberry Lemonade vodka
    2 oz Lemonade
    Dash of Amaretto
    Fresh Lemon

    Add Pearl Pomegranate vodka, strawberry lemonade vodka, lemonade and a dash of amaretto to shaker with ice. Pour contents into glass. Squeeze lemon. Sugar on the rim of the glass along with lemon wedge and cherry.

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    LeRoy’s: The Greek

    By Joe Cardwell


    Pearl Cucumber Vodka
    Zing Zang Bloody Mary mix
    Splash of Steak Sauce
    Cucumber Garnish
    Pickle Spear Garnish
    Peppercini Garnish
    Olive Garnish
    Feta cheese Garnish

    2.5 oz of Pearl Cucumber Vodka Mixed with Zing Zang Bloody Mary Mix, Dash of Steak Sauce Topped with Garnishes

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    Grilled Ambrosia

    By Heather Hoerauf


    1 oz Pearl Orange Vodka
    1 oz Pearl Coconut Vodka
    .25 oz Sous Vide Vanilla Syrup
    .25 Orange Juice
    .25 oz Pineapple juice
    Dash of Berg & Hauck’s Orange Bitters
    Float of Amaretto

    Muddled orange, pineapple, and cherry

    Garnished with toasted coconut, Grilled pineapple, grilled orange slice, maraschino cherry, and mini marshmallows.


    Garish martini glass with toasted coconut. Add a slice of grilled pineapple on rim of glass.
    Place grilled pineapple, orange and maraschino cherry on bar pick.

    Muddle orange, pineapple, cherry and dash of bitters.

    Add 1oz Pearl Orange, 1oz Coconut vodka, .25 oz of Sous Vide Vanilla syrup, .25 oz Orange Juice, .25 oz of Pineapple Juice and ice to mixing tin. Shake, strain and finish off with a float of amaretto.

    Enjoy Responsibly

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    Mint Love You Long Time

    By Tom Dombrowski


    Pearl Citrus Vodka
    Fuji Apple Sake
    Soda Water
    Lemon Lime Soda

    Sprinkle sugar into the bottom of a pint glass. Add cucumber slices and mint. Muddle. Fill the remainder of the glass with ice. Add Pearl Citrus Vodka and Fuji Apple Sake. Shake Well. Top off with soda water and a splash of lemon lime soda. Garnish with cucumber and a sprig of mint. Enjoy long time.

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    The Riviera Cooler

    By Alexis palombit


    Pearl Gin
    Coconut Rum
    Lime Juice

    .5 oz Pearl gin
    .5 oz coconut rum
    Splash of lime juice
    Half lemonade
    Half sprite

  • 6 Votes


    By Kyle Thousand


    2 oz Pearl Cucumber Vodka
    1.5 oz Coconut Milk
    0.5 oz Pineapple Juice
    0.5 oz St. Germain

    Combine ingredients in cocktail shaker and shake with kold draft ice for 8 seconds. Strain and add crushed ice, top with two cucumber balls and two pineapple leaves.

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    Freddy’s Nikitty Split

    By Gino Genova


    Pearl Caramel
    Irish Cream
    Banana Liquor
    Whipped Cream
    Chocolate syrup

    All three ingredients blended with ice and chocolate syrup and topped with a cherry and whipped cream.

  • 262 Votes


    By AB Eugenio


    Pearl Peach vodka
    Lilet Blanc
    Brown Sugar Simple Syrup (made in house)
    Ume or Japanese white peach puree
    dry sparkling wine

    The Julinitini is a Japanese spin on a classic Bellini (peach puree and sparkling wine). At Ju Sushi & Lounge we believe in craft spirit forward cocktails using the freshest of ingredients with a unique Japanese / Asian flair.

    Take all the ingredients except the dry sparkling wine and build it in your shaking apparatus. Then simply add ice and shake vigorously till hand feels the chill. Carefully strain the contents into a chilled martini glass. Then upon serving the libation all that is needed is a float of the dry sparkling wine over the top of it.

    Sip responsibly for they go down easy!

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    Wally’s Peach Sangria

    By Sally Walley


    “Sally Wally’s Peach Sangria”
    Pearl Peach Vodka
    Triple Sec
    Tropicana Lemonade
    Peach Schnapps
    Fresh Oranges, Peaches, Grapes and Nectarines
    Orange Garnish

    Mix together 750 ML bottle of Chardonnay, 1/2 cup triple sec, 1/2 cup Pearl peach vodka, 1/2 cup peach schnapps and 16 ounces Tropicana lemonade. Then take your fresh fruit that has been sliced and add to your sangria. Allow to sit for minimum 20 minutes before serving. Serve in a stemless white wine glass over ice and garnish with a slice of orange, peach and 2 grapes!

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    Twisted Hangover

    By Tiffany


    1oz Pearl Plum, 1/2 oz peach schnapps, 1/2 oz blue curaçao, splash of sour, sprite, pineapple, garnish w an orange twist and cherry, pineapple wedge if possible.

    Shake ingredients in shaker as directed in recipe and pour into a martini glass.

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    Pearl of the Garden

    By Elizabeth Cosby


    2 oz Pearl Cucumber Vodka
    1/4 oz fresh squeezed lemon juice
    6-8 sprigs of mint
    2 cucumber/lemon infused ice cubes
    1 medium frozen lemon wheel
    Fill with Gosling’s Ginger Beer

    In a shaker combine 2 oz Pearl Cucumber Vodka, 1/4 oz fresh lemon juice, and 6-8 sprigs of mint.
    Layer your cucumber/lemon water ice cubes with your frozen lemon wheel.
    Shake ingredients and strain into your collins glass. Fill the glass with Goslings Ginger Beer.

    Cucumber/lemon ice:
    Slice 1 baby cucumber in 1/2 in slices. Infuse your water with one lemon cut into slices in a pitcher or any container (30 minutes or more.) Fill 1 in square tray with lemon water and 3 baby cucumber slices.
    Frozen Lemon Wheels: Slice a lemon in 1/2 in wheels and freeze for 45 min or longer.

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    Lakes Cucumber Cocktail

    By Aaron Lock


    Pearl Cucumber
    Fresh Cucumbers
    Fresh Lime Juice
    Simple Syrup
    Soda Water
    Lime Wedge

    Use 2oz Pearl Cucumber, Muddle fresh cucumbers with lime juice and simple syrup. Strain into a 14 Ounce water goblet,mfilled with ice and banded with cucumber slices. Garnish with a lime wedge!

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    Pearlfect Holiday

    By Ron Licka


    Pearl Blueberry Vodka
    Pearl Whipt Vodka
    Pearl Grape Vodka
    Pearl Citrus Vodka
    Pearl Orange Vodka
    Pearl Pomegrante Vodka
    French Vanilla Cream
    Splash of Grenadine
    Garnished with an Orange Slice

    0.5 ounce pour of the Pearl Vodka Flavors Topped off with French Vanilla Cream, Shaken, Drizzled with Grenadine

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    Sweet Apple pie martini

    By Terry goins


    “Angelo’s sweet apple pie martini”
    Rim the glass with cinnamon and sugar
    Pearl Apple Pie
    Sour Apple schnapps
    Club soda

    Rim the glass with cinnamon and sugar
    1.25 apple pie vodka
    .25 sour apple schnapps
    Splash of club soda
    Garnish with apple slice

  • 26 Votes

    Sapori Berry Blast

    By Salvatore Sciarrino


    1.5 oz Pearl Blueberry
    3/4 oz pomegranate liquor
    1/2 oz fresh squeezed lime juice
    1/2 oz simple syrup
    Fresh muddled blueberries

    Muddle fresh blueberries in cocktail glass
    Add ice
    Add all ingredients
    Shake in tin
    Pour back into glass
    Garnish with fresh blueberries

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    Chocolate Cordial Martini

    By Aurelia Orzechowski


    1.5 oz Pearl Cherry Vodka
    1.5 oz Chocolate Vodka
    Cherry Garnish
    Drizzle of Chocolate Syrup

    Combine Pearl Cherry Vodka, Chocoalte Vodka shaken over ice and served in a martini glass drizzled with chocolate syrup and topped with a cherry garnish

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    Gibraltar:Twisted Peach

    By Jacquelyn Janik


    2 oz Pearl Peach
    1 oz Pearl Coconut
    2 oz Pineapple Juice
    Finish with lime soda
    Garnish with mint, peach wedge, lime, and cherry

    Pour Pearl Peach, Pearl Coconut, and Muddled Mint. Shake and Pour over Ice. Add Pineapple Juice and a Splash of Lemon Lime Soda. Add Garnishes.

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    Cuke Grapefruit Gimlet

    By Randi Vanhoosear


    “Socialight: Cucumber Grapefruit Gimlet”
    Pearl Cucumber Vodka
    Muddled Cucumber and Lime
    Fresh Squeezed Grapefruit Juice
    Garnished with a Cucumber Wedge

    Muddle Fresh Cucumber and Limes
    Add Pearl Cucumber
    Top of with Fresh Grapefruit Juice



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